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The Female O-Shot

With the female o-shot women can get help with their sexual disorders

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About The Female O-Shot

Still a little known or understood condition of the sexual disorders, female orgasm disorder is one that affects many women each year. More is known about it than 10 years ago and female orgasm disorder treatments have become much better and much more attainable than in the past. It is no longer downplayed and more and more people within the medical community are accepting it as a valid condition just the same as erectile dysfunction and other male sexual disorders.

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Female Orgasm Disorder

A stunning number of women, as much as 80 percent of those surveyed in numerous studies say that they have faked an orgasm at some point and time with their partner. Also most half say that the fake an orgasm on a regular basis. Many more have other issues associated with intercourse that make it difficult to achieve orgasm. Treating orgasmic dysfunction has been slow to come to where it is now but help is finally here and there is no longer need for dangerous medications or risky surgical procedures to bring the joy back to sexual intercourse.

Female orgasm disorder treatments are improving the lives and relationships of millions of women and we invite you to come talk to our team of stem cell experts to see what the female o-shot can do for you!

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What It Is And What It Is Not

For women suffering from sexual arousal issues, the female o-shot is turning things around and changing lives for the better. The best thing about the o-shot is that it is naturally and involves no chemicals or harsh invasive procedures. It is made from concentrated stem cells that are harvested from the patient’s own body and then reintroduced to help improve sensation and response during intercourse and stimulation.

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