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Client Testimonials

“I was very lucky to find this dr. I’ve been coming here for about 7 months and really couldn’t have been happier. I lost almost 40 lbs and feel great. Always had a problem losing weight and didn’t know why. Thanks to Dr.Soni and all the testing I had I now know I had some issues.   A pure gem!!

Mary M. – New York

“Started going here this November…was a bit hesitant at first cuz I didn’t really know what a “sleep” doctor was but now I could not do without him! Treats so many disorders, you can go there for any problem and guarantee he can help you out. “

Chris T. – New Jersey

“Came highly recommended by a friend. He helped her with her sleep apnea so I figured I could seek him out for my asthma issues. Let me tell you it has been a huge relief not having to struggle breathing due to daily activities.”

Anne L. – New York

The Soni Difference

Experience Something Extraordinary.

Meet Dr. Prabhat Soni. One of the only 8 board certified physicians in the U.S., Dr. Soni exemplifies precision and artistry in his work making his results unparalleled. He is known for his listening skills and his ability to solve problems that others cannot.  Dr. Prabhat Soni is a brilliant physician specializing in pulmonology, primary care, sleep medicine, and regenerative medicine. Learn more how Dr. Soni uses his 8 board certifications to help his patients.

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